the crow and the lizard

A long time ago, the crow and the lizard were friends. One day, the crow said to the lizard, "Tattoing makes one beautiful. Let us get some soot and tattoo each other."

"I'd like that very much," agreed the lizard. So they found a pot of soot and went together to the riverbank.

"You must make me pretty first!" the lizard urged the crow. The crow agreed. Taking a needle, he carefully made intricate markings all over the lizard's body, and then, rubbed in the soot.

The crow said, "Now you have made you lovely, you must decorate me too."

"Yes," said the lizard. "But you must first lie down and close your eyes so that I shall not drop soot into them."

So the crow stretched out on the ground and close his eyes. The lizard took up the pot of soot and emptied it all over the poor crow. Then the lizard ran away leaving his companion behind.

This is the reason why the lizard is covered with beautiful markings while the crow is black as soot.

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