The Fortune Teller

It was a particularly busy day at the market. There was the usual crowd plying the stalls along the street. However, an even bigger crowd was huddled around a man at the far end of the street. He happened to be a fortune teller telling everyone's future.

Everyone listened closely and they believed every word he says concerning their future.

Soon, more and more men and women joined to have his or her fortune told till they are all swarming around him.

Just then, a young lad struggled his way through the crowd to get into the fortune teller. When he saw the fortune teller, he did all he can to be noticed.

The fortune teller noticed him right away. Thinking that the boy just wanted his fortune be told, he apprehended him saying, "I am sorry young lad, but you have to fall in line first like all the rest."

"I did not come for you to tell me my future. I came because I have news for you!" shouted the boy with excitement.

"What sort of news?" wondered the fortune teller.

"Someone, it seems, broke into your house and robbed you of everything you own!", announced the young lad.

"I didn't quite hear you, boy. Will you please repeat what you just said?" asked the fortune teller feeling angry at the news and embarassed as the crowd looked on.

"Your house has been robbed!" repeated the boy indignantly.

Signs of worry soon appeared all over his face. The news hit him like lightning. Half-doubting, half-believing, he fought his way through the thick crowd and ran for his home leaving the crowd wondering what had become of him.

"That's strange.", commented one of those who was standing next to him moments ago. "He claimed to know each and everyone's future, yet, could not foresee what he was going to be." Those who heard him nodded in agreement and began shaking their heads as they started for home.

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