The Diamond Dipper

Long, long ago, a kind little girl lived with her mother in a small house near a forest. Her mother was very ill with a fever. It had not rained for many days. The well was dry. The ponds were dry. There was no place were the little girl could get water.

One night, the mother called the little girl to her. “I am Thirsty,” she said. “I am afraid that I shall not get better if I do not drink some water soon.”

“Dear Mother,” said the little girl, I will get some water for you.” She picked up a coconut shell that she used for a dipper. There was a handle on a dipper.

The little girl went to the well, but it was dry. She could not get even one drop of water from it.

“What shall I do?” she asked herself.

“Mother is very thirsty. She must drink some water tonight or she will not get well.”

The little girl thought of a spring in the spring in the forest. She picked up the old dipper and run as fast as she could to the spring.

It was already dark, but she was not afraid. The stones on the road hurt her feet, but she did not turn back. Her mother had said that she must have some water.

The little girl ran on and on. At last she came to the spring. When she had filled the dipper, she started for home. On the way she met a big dog. She was hot and tired.

His tongue was hanging out of his mouth.

“You poor dog,” cried the little girl, how thirsty you are! Here, I will give you some water.”

She poured some of the water into her hands for the dog to drink. After the dog had lapped up all the water, she looked up at the little girl. Then he wagged his tail and went away.

The little girl picked up her dipper again. It had turned to shining silver, and it was full of clear water.

Again the little girl started for home. On the way, she met a poor old man.

“I am thirsty,” he said. “The wells are dry. The brooks are dry. I have looked of many places, but I cannot find any water to drink. What shall I do?”

“I will give you some water,” said the little girl.

“Take a drink from my dipper of shining silver”.

The old man took a drink from the dipper. When he gave it back to the little girl, it was no longer a silver dipper. It had turned to gold.

Now the little girl was tired and thirsty.

She wanted to sit down and rest, but she remembered that her mother was waiting for her.

“I am glad you have come,” said her mother.

“I have been waiting for you,”

“See, dear mother,” said the little girl.

Drink all of it.” Then she gave the beautiful golden dipper to her mother.

“Thank you, my dear child,’ said her mother.

She took a drink and gave the dipper back to the little girl. “ I know I shall get well now.”

As the little girl took the golden dipper from her mother, she saw that there were seven shining diamonds on it.

For a few minutes, the little girl held the diamond dipper in her hand. She looked at it with wonder. While she was looking at it, it flew out of her hands and went up into the sky. There it turned into seven bright stars.

The star dipper is still in the sky. If you looked toward the north, you may see it in a clear, bright night. Look for it tonight. When you see it, think of the little girl who was kind to everyone she met.

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Anonymous said...

This was absolutely my favorite story as a child. I have read it to my daughters. and the children in my classroom. They have enjoyed the story almost as much as I did. Teaching kindness never goes out of style.

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