Once there was a tribe names Baatsan dominating the southern peninsula. It was ruled by an old intelligent woman who came to power with the blessing of their god Deak. She was hailed their leader three years ago when people started complaining about their former leader who was found to be abusive and corrupt, making so much out of the tribe's resources.
Because of the former chieftain's corrupt practices, the god decided that the appointed leader of the tribe must not exceed 4 years in power, so as the old-woman's term is about to end, she hurried up the reconstruction of the temple for Deak which was devastated when a hurricane came last year. the purpose is not really clear, is it to please their god or to stay in power because their goid was pleased to her ways? None of the tribesmen really know.
She forced her people to work and keep themselves busy. She wanted them all to make this a landmark and a great solitude when another storm hit them. The same time, she wanted her people to make their houses into stone.She was envy of the neighboring tribe's community for they are all made this way.
Such task of being a leader is indeed a hard labour and sacrifice. Many questioned her ways while others simply obeyed for they wanted no confrontations. People are complaining that her orders are too harsh and hard to follow. In constructing their houses and the temple, there needs to quarry stones from the river, yet, only few are quarrying in a river that would need a travel of seven hours and she is hurrying them up. This inadequacy in materials for building proved to be one of her weaknesses. Her inconsistencies of giving instructions and rules to be followed. Some are already seeing her turning into someone like their former leader.
Soon, the temple was finished by forced and a feast was made in celebration of the renewed temple. Though good to see, many people sacrificed their lives to finished this. Some died of hunger and fatigue while others drowned while getting stones on the river bed. 30 % of the population will never see the temple ever again and will never see feast and its grandeur.
This was the major turning point for one of the grieved family. While watching the parade, one widowed wife throw stones into the chieftain. Many others follow and the people's wrath came not only to the leader but also to her followers. This was the major battle among the once peaceful tribe.
Such event awakened the great god, he being god of dreams, cursed Baatsan people for disturbing his dream. He scattered the people and put half of their minds into the jars of eternity and locked them so that they will remember nothing. People have forgotten of the peninsula and became nomads, travelling through the lands without identity.
The old woman died of the incident,Deak cursed her for she never invited him of the feast. Baatsan, once a peace-loving people was no more and no one was allowed to speak of them again and soon forgotten by people...

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