Island of Irony by Joel G. Punzalan

Long ago, from the time when the world as we know it was not yet civilized, an island existed onthe far side of the seas, over-looking though divided into several tribes, peace was not a problem. Each tribe defined their land and keep off the others.
For years, the said peaceful co-existence between the three groups of people remained. The Zul-on tribe resided on the northern part fed by the riches of the sea and the vegetation of the forest. The second lived deep in the heart of the jungle. The highlands were their home and they drank on the springs and mountain rivers. The last tribe is on the south, the Nadao-min tribe. They established their homes near the sea and much of their life was governed by it.
Time came when other people landed on the island particularly on the south. Trades between islands began.Soon, the Zul-on, Vay-sasi and Nadao-min tribes also established trade relations. The island being very rich in resources and enchanting beauty provided much happiness for its people.
Then a different kind of people, men with fairer skin. They came to claim the home the three tribes loved so much. With stonger weapons and more men, the intruders first defeated the Nadao-min. THen the northern tribe and the Vay-sasi. The three fought valiantly but was in vain,the foreigners were too strong.
The Zul-on and the Vay-sasi were controlled by the stronger white men while the Nadao-mins continue to battle with the aid of their friends from other islands. time came when the two-stricken clans were already strong enough to fight again and ousted the tyrants who controlled them for 30 long years. Now with the white men's culture, it was hard for the Nadao-min to accpt their island brothers again.
There were other people who invaded the island, the tribes never rested until the attacks ceased. The island remained as their own. The Zul-on and the Vay-sasi tribes considered the island as one but not the Nadao-mins. They wanted to separate from the two other tribes who are now different in spirit.
For the southerners, their culture could never be one. SO started the conflict within the island. For years, blood spilled because of the misunderstanding. Many tried to end it in peaceful ways but had no chance. The war in the island continued. Each side believed the other as evil and conceited.
The tribes never did understand their real problem. They never knew what should be their priority. Their growth as one or as divided. Their culture being different yet having a common beginning, three tribes, one blood. Educating their young so as to give their land a dear future.
Because of such events, the tribes of the land began relying from other people for their livelihood. by destroying each other gradually their once fertile land was exhausted. Its rich forest disappeared. The clear rivers were reduced to mud and the rich soil became a desert and the island soon ceased to exist.
The Zul-on, Vay-sasi and the Nadao-min tribes were a great people. They knew it somehow but they were overpowered by their pride and selflesslness. Now, the great, rich, and beautiful island is reduced to nothing but the "island of irony."

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