The Turtle that Wanted to Fly

There was once a turtle who was never satisfied. He lived ont he sweet grass by the forest pool but still felt very bored.

One day, he noticed a large eagle flying overhead. He looked so graceful and flying is so easy that the turtle decided he would learn to fly too.

Then the eagle come to rest on a rock near the pool and the turtle saw his chance and said: "Oh handsome eagle, you fly so well. Please teach me how to fly..."

The eagle was astonished. "What?! Teach you how to fly? But you have no feather nor wings!"

Again, the turtle pleaded, "Oh please, Eagle, I'm sure I can learn." The turtle continued to persuade the eagle to teach him how to fly until finally, the eagle agrees.

He picked up the turtle with his large claws and flew high in the sky. Then, he let go of the turtle and told him to flap his legs and fly.

The turtle flapped his legs as hard as he could, but still, he fell like a stone towards the ground. Luckily, he fell into the bushes.

he was buried and badly shaken but he had no serious injuries. Now, he promised not to try flying again.

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