A Modern Parable

Long ago, when the world was very new, there was a certain lobster who was determined that the Creator had made a mistake

So let set up an appointment to discuss the matter. “With all due respect,” said the lobster, “I wish to complain about the way designed my shell. You see, just I got use to one outer casing then I have to shed it for another. Very inconvenient and rather a waste of time.”

To which the Creator replied, “ I see. But do you realized that is the giving up of one shell that allows you to grow into another?”

“ Your mind’s made up ? the Creator asked.

“indeed”! the lobster stated firmly.

“Very well,” smiled the Creator. “From now on, your shell will not change and you may go about your business just as you do right now.”

“That’s very kind of you,” said the lobster was very content wearing the same old a shell. But as time passed, he found that his once light and comfortable shell was becoming quite heavy and tight.

After a while, in fact, the shell became so cumbersome that the lobster couldn’t feel anything at all outside himself. As a result was constantly bumping into others.

Finally, it got to the point where he could hardly even breathe. So with great effort, he went back to see the Creator.

“With all due respect,” the lobster sighed, “contrary to what you promised, my shell has not remained the same. It keeps shrinking!”

“Not at all,” smiled the Creator, “your shell may have gotten a little thicker with age, but it has remained the same size. What happened is that you changed-inside, with your shell.”

No one remains the same. That’s the way I’ve made things.”

“That’s very sensible,” said the lobster.

“If you like,” offered the Creator, “I’ll tell you something more.”

“Please do,” encouraged the lobster.

“When you let go for your shell and choose to grow,” said the Creator, “you build new strength within yourself-to love those around you – to love life itself.

This is my plan for each one.”

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