The Dog who Betrayed the Two Kittens

One day, two kittens whose names were Kitty and Pussy found a fish left over by some campers in the forest.

Kitty quickly said, "I saw it first!"

Pussy would not let go and also said "No, I saw it first!"

Finally, Pussy suggested saying "Let's go and ask Brownie to divide the fish for us. What do you think?"

"Alright. let us go and bring the fish to Brownie." Kitty said after finally gioving in.

Brownie readily agreed to divide the fish between the two kittens.

He cut the fish into two then take a look at it.

"Oh, I think one part is slightly bigger than the other." said the dog then took abite from the bigger part.

After this, he took another look and said, "Oh, I think the other part becomes bigger than the other," and took another bite.

Again, he examined the two parts, "Oh, one part is still slightly bigger than the other," and he took another bite.

The two kittens who were watching on the sides looked on with growing anger as they saw the two partsgetting smaller and smaller. But Brownie went on and on until he had eaten up the whole fish.

"You bad dog! You ate up the whole fish!" exclaimed Kitty.

"You fooled us!" shouted Pussy.

With this, Kitty and Pusssy attacked Brownie. Brownie fought back. The incident was never forgotten by their children and grandchildren. Until now, whenever a cat meets a dog, it would purr in disgust knowing he can't trust the dog ever.

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