The Story of the House

Perhaps the first house that people live in was a cave. It was the best house for the early people because they went from place to place hunting for food. But caves were not found everywhere . Sometimes people had to dig and carve out a room on the side of the cliff. This kind of house is called a dugout.

The person who carved the dugout made its entrance high above the ground. Then he made a ladder by weaving some vines. He used the ladder to get in out of the dugout. Once he was inside the dugout, He pulled the ladder in. In this way, other could not get into the dugout.

Later, people learned to raise animals for food. They also learned to use the skins of animals. They used skins as cover when they slept on the ground. They sewed these skins together. Then they hung them over as pole to make a tent. After a time, people use for poles, making a square. They put a taller pole to the center. Then they spread skin animals on top of the poles. These skins became the roof of the tent.

Still later, people learned to plant. They found and if they had plants and animals, they would have food. They did not have to go from place to place. So they thought of building permanent houses. These may have been beginning the of the houses that we have today.

The house was made this way. The people set several long branches into the ground. They tied the top of these long branches together. These became the frame works of the house. These people covered this frame works with grass. They wove the grass in and out of the branches. This was the entrance of the house. They also left for the small hole on the top of the house. Smoke from the fire in their stoves got out though this hole. People who live near forest used wood and grass to build their house. Those who leaved near river used mud and clay. They shaped a mud into breaks and dried them in the sun. They used the bricks for the walls of their houses.

In most places today, wood, stones, bricks, and other materials are used in building houses themselves. Carpenters build the houses for them.

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