A Donkey and a Foolish Wolf

There was once a donkey that was peacefully grazing the meadows when a hungry wolf jumped from behind him. He opened his mouth wide and was ready to swallow up the poor donkey from head to foot. The donkey cried, "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!"

The wolf stopped and wondered why, pretending to limp, the donkey dragged one of his hind legs forward with difficulty shouting!"Ow! Ouch! I think a piece of splinter peirced through my foot! You'd better remove it Mr. Wolf, before you eat me."

At first, the wolf was hesitant, bu the donkey said that if the wolf won't remove the splinter, he would end up with the splinter stuck in his throat if he ate him up later. Thinking how awful the pain and the splinter had caused the foot and how much more it would stick his throat, the wolf decided to help the donkey pull out the splinter before eating the donkey up.

The wolf held the donkey's foot that supposedly had the splinter in it. He kept looking but seem not to find it. The donkey told him to look closer at the sole of his hoof. And just as the wolf had his eyes poractically nailed to his foot, he jolted his other hoof and kicked at the wolf's mouth so hard that the wolf fell down.

As he tried to get up, the wolf found most of his sharp teeth broken off that he covered his mouth with his hand. Realizing there were not enough teeth left for him to eat the donkey, he went his way with regrets in his heart for playing doctor to the donkey.

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