How Saynday Got the Sun

Saynday was coming alone, and all ythe world was black. There was no sun on this side of the world, in the people were in darkness. The sun belong to the people on the other side, and kept it close by, so that no one could get it away from them.

As Saynday was coming alone, he met some of animals. They were Fox and Deer and Bird. They were sitting together talking things over.

“What’s the matter?” said Saynday.

“We don’t like this world,” said Fox.

“We don’t like the darkness,” said Deer.

“What’s wrong with the darkness?” said Saynday.

“It won’t let things and be happy,” said Bird.

“I guess we’d better to do something about it.” Said Saynday.

So four of them sat and they thought and they thought and thought.

“There is a sun,” said Saynday at last,

”Where is it? Said Fox

“It’s on the other side of the wold,” said Saynday.

“The people who have It wont let it go. Said Saynday.

“What good is it to us, then,” aid Bird.

“Not any,” said Saynday.

So they sat again and thought. None of them move at all.

Then Saynday said, “we could go and borrow the sun.”

“It would be really be stalling,” said Fox.

“We dont want to keep it for always,” said Saynday.

“We’d give it back to them some times,” said Deer.

“Then things could live and grow and their side of the world,” said Bird.

“But they live and grow on this side, too,” said Saynday.

Then Saynday get busy, because he’d finish his thinking. He could begin to do things now.

“How far can you run?” he said to Fox.

“A long, long way,” said Fox.

“A short, long away,” said Deer.

“How far can you run,” he said to Bird.

“A long, short away,” said Bird.

“ I can’t run very fast my self,” said Saynday, “so I guess I’ll have to take it last.”

Then he lined them to all up and told them what to do. Fox was go to the village on the other side of the earth, and to make friends with the people who lived there. That was the first thing to do, and that was the hardest. So fox ready to and started out.

Fox traveled a long way. At last he was up on the hill, and down below him was the village of the people who had the sun. Fox sat down on the hilltop and watch them while he made up his mind on what to do.

The people were playing the game with the sun. they were lined up on the two sides, and each side had a four spear. They would roll the sun along the ground like a ball, and take turns throwing the spear at it. The side that hit the most time won. One side was way ahead.

Fox went down the hill into the village. He lay on the ground with his nose on his paws, and watched. They rolled the sun again, and the side that was ahead won two more points. The side that was behind lost again.

Then Fox said quietly, so that just the captain on the losing side could hear him, “good luck the losers.”

Nobody paid any attention, except the captain, and he just turn his head in the minute. Then they rolled the sun again, and this time the losing side won.

The captain came over and said to Fox, “Thank you for wishing us well.”

“Good luck to your winning ,” said Fox. This time that side won again.

Then they had some excitement. The side that had been winning before wanted to sent fox away. But the side had been losing wanted to keep him, since his coming had brought them good luck. They argued, but Fox’s side was the stronger, and in the end he stayed.

Fox stayed in the long on that village. He stayed till he knew where they kept the sun all the time, and who were the men who watch it. He stayed till they let him play with the sun. All the time he was on the village, he was making a plan.

One day they had a big game to decide the champions for that year. Fox was playing on the same side that he had wished luck to in the beginning. Everybody else rolled the sun first. Then it was Fox’s turn to roll. He took the sun in his paws, as they thought him, and bent over as if he were going to send it along the ground. But instead of rolling it, he got a good start on his running, and he carried the sun along with him.

For just the first minute the people was so surprised. Then they were mad. They started to run after Fox. But Fox was a fast runner. That was why Saynday put him first. He run and run at last he caught up with Deer.

Deer didn’t even time to at the sun. He grabbed it away from Fox and started running with himself, he run, run and run until he caught up with Bird.

The sun village people were far behind they couldn’t see now, but Bird didn’t take any chances. He run at fast as he could. Just when his breath was gone, he came up with Saynday and handed the sun to him.

The sun village were so far behind now that Saynday didn’t bother to run. He just walk along the sun over his shoulder like a sack of meat. He walk along so easily that the other caught up with him and they walk back to the village.

“We’ll, now we have the sun,” said Saynday.

“Now we can have light,” said Fox.

“Now we can see what we are doing and where we are going,” said Saynday.

“Now we can travel around.” Said Deer.

“Now plants will come up out the ground and grow,” said Saynday.

“Now there will be trees to live in,” said Bird.

“I guess we brought the light to our world,” said Saynday.

But the trouble was, there was too much light. It had been dark and now it was light all the time. People could traveling all the time. The plants and the trees could grow, but they never stopped.

“What is the mater,” he said

“There’s too much light,” said Fox.

“We don’t want so much,” said Synday.

“We don’t need so much,” said Deer.

“We don’t need so much,” said Bird.

“What can we do?” said Saynday.

“Try putting sun somewhere else,’’ said Fox.

“That’s the good idea,” said Saynday.

“That’s the good idea,” sais Saynday.

He put the sun in the wigwam but it keep on shinning right through the walls.

“Put it up the ground,” said Deer.

“All right,” said Saynday, and he balance the top of the wigwam.

Whoosh! It burned the wigwam right down.

“Throw it away,” said Bird.

“All right,” said Saynday, “I don’t want the old thing,”

And he threw it straight up into the sky, and there it stayed.

“That’s the good place for it,” said Fox

“It’s far enough to burn things,” said Saynday.

“It has plenty of room to move around,” said Deer.

“It can travel from one side of the sky to the other,” said Saynday.

“Now all the people on the both sides of the world can divide the light evenly,” said Saynday.

And that’s the way it was, and that’s the way it is, to this good day. Directory
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canary said...

Very interesting blog.

Joseph Jordan said...

Oh! I remember reading this story when I was a fourth grader, and now that I have my own kids, I was looking for this story to share with them. This story shaped my childhood.

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